What we do

We develop websites using WordPress Software and Theme Frameworks

WordPressWe build WordPress Child Themes and Skins using WordPress Parent Theme Frameworks from Premium Theme Developers. We maintain a developer license for the frameworks we use when building our clients websites. Learn why we use WordPress here…

What are Child Themes?

A WordPress Child Theme provides a solution to modifying your website without touching the original Parent Theme Framework. This is important, because when an update for your Theme comes out and you update it, all your modifications are overwritten… bye-bye

Protecting your work is why building your website with a child theme is important. Updating the Parent Theme won’t affect your Child Theme in most all cases… there is always the exception to the rule.

What are Skins?

A skin is a new visual representation of a Parent or Child Theme by means of colors, graphics, and typography.  They run as a Child Theme but generally have no other changes that differ from the Parent Theme.

Coming Soon!  How do I use your Child Themes and Skins?

Currently we are only offering custom builds. As we create new Child Themes or Skins we will provide links and new information.