What Clients Say

Your support is what has brought us this far, Jim. Your workstyle, ethics and means of communication have allowed us to learn and grow and be confident enough to stretch our wings and do things we didn’t know we could do. Thanks so much, Trisha
I’m very lucky that CHOICE found you to help us through the growth. Your knowledge and diligence really gave us the push to be able to move ahead with much larger plans (plans that I think WE never thought possible).
Sincerely Clint
Wow Jim!  The site looks very nice, you do excellent work!!!! You’re the best
Hi Jim! Great Job on the website. It looks fabulous!!! I like the bamboo integrated with the entrance to the home. You did a great job in indentifying the best marketing wording as well as putting up the best quality pics.
Sincerely! Chris
Jim, You are an excellent mind reader. You did exactly what was needed. I will try to be more explicit next time I need some changes.
Thanks! Stan
Good Afternoon Jim,The employment page and all its features is great.
Thank you. We greatly appreciate your efforts.

What my peers say

I recommend Jim for any position involved in computers and especially technology education.

The main qualities that Jim brings to this type of position is his enthusiasm and sharing generosity. I have first hand experience of his computer and technology skills however know him best as a person who has provided resources and information to thousands of users for free via his own discussion forums and involvement in many others including my own. Jim’s grip on technology, its progression and its capacity for information sharing and real time communication is excellent.

John Hanna, Webmaster wow-factor

This recommendation is of JC on behalf of Karen Pennington, owner of Rainbowfly Forums for his ability to teach and instruct others in the fields of technology and design. JC is currently an active Moderator at my forum where he assist with technical and web design support.

Karen Pennington, MCSA Owner of Rainbowfly Forums