What is WordPress and Why We Use It

WordPressWordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system.

WordPress is used by over 16.7% of Alexa Internet’s “top 1 million” websites and as of August 2011 manages 22% of all new websites. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system in use on the Internet. It was first released on May 27, 2003, by founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as a fork of b2/cafelog. As of December 2011, version 3.0 had been downloaded over 65 million times. ~ Wikipedia

Why we use WordPress

WordPress Dashboard

  • Flexible Open Source
  • Great Content Management System
  • Perfect for Premium websites or Blogs
  • Search Engine Optimization Friendly
  • Standards Compliant
  • Media Support
  • Extended Plugins
  • Easy To Use
  • Infinitely Extensible
  • The perfect foundation to build on for our clients


Premium Theme Frameworks

Why we use Premium Developer Theme Frameworks for WordPress to create our clients Business Blog, Online Magazine or Website.

WordPress is Opensource software powered by PHP and Mysql database. It is a Framework to build easy to manage Dynamic websites or blogs.

The WordPress Framework needs pages that are coded to use it’s functions for displaying your media and content. The latest version of WordPress comes with two Themes.

WordPress is forever evolving and requires you keep all components updated, including Themes and Plug-ins if you want your website to be secure and running.

Time is money right?, building custom themes is by far more expensive, we can do that for you… but why? When we can save time and money using solid frameworks we can modify to suite your needs. Trying to reinvent the wheel is silly, but improving it makes senses. Really, that’s exactly what Premium Theme Developers do for the WordPress Framework, they also keep their product up to date with WordPress so you don’t have to spend the time and money to be sure your custom theme will keep working.

It is important to keep your Theme compatible with the ever changing WordPress Framework. If you have a custom built Theme witch is not keep up to date with WordPress you may have problems with your website unless you don’t update WordPress and that would be a mistake. Needless to say most custom Themes are not maintained this way.

Professional Developers of WordPress Themes are always updating their Theme Frameworks to stay current with WordPress. By using these Premium Developer Themes it provides security in that your site is keep current, save you a LOT of money, and provides a solid foundation to create your website on.

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